The apartments

Architecture in its best light: 86 apartments for dreaming. Two interior styles to fall in love with.

At very first sight, the view confirms what you already knew in your heart: living dreams become reality in THE LYTE. That’s primarily down to the many possibilities the luxury tower has to offer. Twenty-seven different floor plans make it wonderfully easy to realise your own personal dreams and ideas within your own four walls.

Whether you’re using THE LYTE as a pied-à-terre or making it your full-time home. Whether you’re looking for a compact apartment or an expansive penthouse, THE LYTE has something to suit you and your lifestyle. In keeping with this, the interior design duo PASCH have come up with two interior collections. SAND: warm, chic and elegant. And SALT: cool, modern and purist. Both styles invite you to feel at home with flair and harmony. All you have to do, is decide which colour and material concept you want for your apartment.

Style 1 Sand

Warm hues with black accents combine to create an ambience of comfort

SAND exudes timeless luxury and a pleasant warmth. The beige base tone radiates tranquillity and comfort: whether from the sand-coloured tiling in the bathrooms or the living spaces with oak parquet flooring. The kitchen and cabinets complete the concept with the same colour scheme. Inspired by the checked pattern of a Burberry coat, a variety of grey tones are combined with black linear accents. Nature and classical elegance prove to be an ideal pairing

  • 100_1814_3_W
  • Sea salt background, view from above. More salt...
  • Black and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loinclothBlack and White Closeup texture of Fabric, Thai style loincloth

Style 2 Salt

Cool tones and high quality materials bring luxury and a fresh breeze to the interiors

SALT is refreshing like an ocean breeze. The interior style is cool without being cold. The base tone of this colour scheme is an off-white in a variety of hues, creating an overall consistency while allowing for variation: crystalline at times, warm white or even soft grey. The lightness of the façade is drawn into the rooms and radiates a sense of calm that permeates the entire apartment. The pleasing mix of high-quality materials and textures such as bouclé, ornamental glass and marble makes the interior appear homely and inviting.

Apartment options

Arriving home. In light-filled rooms. With horizon.

Floor-length windows open out onto a view of clouds, port and city. The spacious rooms provide the best prerequisites for individual design decisions: from multifunctional studio apartment to maisonette-style penthouse with loft-like rooms and rooftop terrace. Get an overview of the many different apartment options in this unique residential tower block.

Apartment 70 3 Rooms, 171.32 m2
Apartment 70

The loft-style apartment is simply magnificent. The bright and inviting entree leads off to the private sleeping area: here, the master bedroom with free-standing bathtub (optional) and ensuite bathroom welcomes you like a five-star luxury hotel. Via the hallway you reach the centrepiece of your new realm: the 62 m² living area comprising three partially open-plan spaces – kitchen, dining room and lounge – with floor-length windows and panoramic views from the terrace.

  • Living space 171.32 m2
  • Storey 12
  • Rooms 3
  • Bathrooms 2
12th floor, also on floors 9 / 10
Living space
  • loggia (50% of 29.61) 14.81 m2
  • living room 62.11 m2
  • kitchen 28.52 m2
  • storage 2.9 m2
  • hallway 17.26 m2
  • bathroom 1 6.74 m2
  • bedroom 1 18.86 m2
  • bedroom 2 14.89 m2
  • bathroom 2 5.23 m2
  • Living in an expansive open-plan loft style
  • Large loggia, with space for a seating area in two places
  • The master bedroom equipped with fittings for a free-standing bathtub (optional)
  • Two fully equipped bathrooms with XL rain showers, twin washbasins and storage space with bottom cabinets
  • Integrated closet and practical storage room for utilities, housekeeping equipment and washing machine connection, all in the same design
  • Living room: Integrated cabinetry with shelves, glass vitrine, fireplace and TV-screen mount (optional)
  • Dining area: Drinks cabinet with decorative hanging shelf (optional)
  • Kitchen: Two units of floor-to-ceiling cabinets and a hybrid hob and breakfast bar, side-by-side fridge by Miele (optional)
  • Bedroom: Bespoke closet solutions (optional)
Apartment 42 2 Rooms, 57 m2
Apartment 42

Magnificent design doesn’t need much space to show itself from its best side, as this unique two-room apartment demonstrates. Class and comfort are presented cleverly on different levels: for example, the open floor plan that offers you enough space to live life to the full, thanks to the bright 25 m² living/dining area overlooking the loggia. Furniture and built-in shelving units seem to merge with the walls and convey a feeling of spaciousness.

  • Living space 57 m2
  • Storey 8
  • Rooms 2
  • Bathrooms 1
8th floor, also on floors 4 / 6 / 7
Living space
  • loggia (50% of 6.55) 3.28 m2
  • living / kitchen 25.59 m2
  • bedroom 13.85 m2
  • storage 2.87 m2
  • hallway 4.89 m2
  • bathroom 6.52 m2
  • Harmonious floor plan with a 25 m² living and dining area
  • High-quality bathroom with modern tiling in natural stone look and XL rain shower
  • Open hallway that stands out from the living room with floor tiles and coved lighting
  • Integrated coat closet
  • Practical storage room for maintenance, tech and washing machine
  • Loggia with space for lounge furniture
  • Living room: elegant integrated shelving unit with lots of storage space thanks to drawers, cupboards and shelving as well as space for the TV (optional)
  • Kitchen: drinks cabinet, designed to match the interior colour palette (optional)
  • Bedroom: custom-built wardrobe with integrated lighting (optional)
Apartment 71 3 Rooms, 99.24 m2
Apartment 71

On the 12th floor it’s only natural to have your head in the clouds, at least some of the time. With the stunning view out of each and every one of the enormous floor length windows it would be hard not to. And the 18 m² loggia has plenty of space for your outdoor seating. You could almost forget about how splendid the rest of your future dream home is! For example, the 32 m² living and dining area with its bespoke designer kitchen (optional), perfectly matching the rest of the interior in colour and materials.

  • Living space 99.24 m2
  • Storey 12
  • Rooms 3
  • Bathrooms 1
12th floor, also on floors 9 / 10
Living space
  • loggia (50% of 18.09) 9.05 m2
  • bedroom 1 18.82 m2
  • living / kitchen 32.35 m2
  • bedroom 2 18.31 m2
  • hallway 13.84 m2
  • bathroom 6.87 m2
  • Harmonious floor plan with 32 m² living and dining area
  • Two equally luxurious bedrooms with fitted wardrobes (optional)
  • High quality bathroom with large-format tiles and XL rain shower
  • Beautiful hallway with coat wardrobe and integrated built-in closets for maintenance area, washing machine and storage
  • Unusually long loggia with space for two seating areas
  • Living room: elegant custom wall unit for the TV (optional)
  • Kitchen: modern fittings that set design accents with different fronts (optional)
  • Bedroom: exclusive custom wall unit for the TV, specially designed headboards, either with track lighting or with integrated reading lamps (optional)
Wohnung 75 3 Rooms, 119.81 m2
Wohnung 75

With this 119 m² apartment, it can only be love at first sight. Just stepping into the bright entrance hall with guest bathroom and integrated closet space will have your heart beating faster. But the centrepiece of the three-bedroom apartment is where things really get serious: the expansive living and dining area provides spectacular all-round panoramic views. This is the perfect stage for living life to the max: sociable evenings cooking with friends, enjoying the view in the optional designer kitchen relaxing in the lounge or enjoying the dusk on the private terrace.

  • Living space 119.81 m2
  • Storey 12
  • Rooms 3
  • Bathrooms 2
12th floor, also on floors 9 / 10
Living space
  • loggia (50% of 22.51) 11.26 m2
  • living / kitchen 42.27 m2
  • bedroom 1 15.37 m2
  • storage 2.71 m2
  • bedroom 2 21.8 m2
  • bathroom 1 5.89 m2
  • bathroom 2 5.07 m2
  • hallway 15.44 m2
  • Fantastic 42 m² living and dining room area with a perfect view
  • Beautiful master bedroom with built-in closets and free-standing bathtub (both optional) as well as en
suite bathroom with twin washbasins and large rain shower
  • Guest or children’s room or study with access to the loggia
  • Beautiful guest bathroom with lots of storage space and shower
  • Practical coat closet in hallway as well as a utility room for washing machine and housekeeping equipment
  • Living and dining area: custom-designed ceiling-height partition made of metal. Wall ensembles with space for a TV screen and further storage space for all rooms (optional)
  • Kitchen: bespoke design with white induction hob and built-in fully automatic coffee machine by Miele (optional)
Wohnung 80 1 Rooms, 46.06 m2
Wohnung 80

This cool studio apartment really showcases the interior designers’ skills. Every last centimetre of the 46 m², is optimally utilised, offering a wide range of comfort and options: a romantic dinner for two in the fully equipped kitchen, nestled discreetly against a wall? No problem! And how cool that you can simply hide the kitchen away afterward behind sliding doors? The living and dining area not only serves up fantastic views of the port, but the specially designed table can easily be transformed into a workstation. Enough space for books and your flat screen on the entire wall next to it.

  • Living space 46.06 m2
  • Storey 13
  • Rooms 1
  • Bathrooms 1
13th floor, also on floors 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12
Living space
  • balcony (50% of 2.74) 1.37 m2
  • living / kitchen / bedroom 31.79 m2
  • bathroom 6.16 m2
  • hallway 6.74 m2
  • Ideal layout with a spacious multipurpose living and dining area as well as bedroom area
  • Beautiful bathroom with plenty of storage and XL rain shower
  • Elegant hallway with ceiling coving lights and tile flooring that visually sets it off from the living area
  • Integrated coat closet and additional storage cabinets for utilities and washing machine
  • Living and dining area: kitchenette that can disappear behind folding doors, practical shelving, high cabinets, as well as a decorative floor-level recessed shelf and a TV panel (optional)
  • Bedroom area: special optional canopy bed with drape to discreetly separate the bedroom space from the living area (optional)
Penthouse West 5 Rooms, 395.76 m2
Penthouse West

The magnificent 395 m² penthouse located on the 14th and 15th floors aims high in every respect. The first view from the entrance into the expansive 120 m² living and dining area will blow your mind. Without doors, but plenty of flair and atmosphere, elegant focal points open up, from which you can enjoy the stunning panorama: One of them is the kitchen with soft glossy surfaces, black detailing and a marble counter several metres long. At one end it serves as a kitchen block, at the other as a table for an elegant dinner for large groups.

  • Living space 395.76 m2
  • Storey 14 + 15
  • Rooms 5
  • Bathrooms 2
14th + 15th floor
Living space
  • hallway 29.82 m2
  • living room 104.4 m2
  • kitchen 19.54 m2
  • bedroom 1 46.87 m2
  • dressing room 11.57 m2
  • fitness 25.84 m2
  • bathroom 1 10.75 m2
  • bedroom 2 21.18 m2
  • bedroom 3 17.06 m2
  • bathroom 2 5.61 m2
  • WC 1 3.8 m2
  • storage 2.68 m2
  • loggia (50% of 56,02) 28.01 m2
  • rooftop lounge 21.12 m2
  • hallway 2.19 m2
  • WC 2 2.89 m2
  • storage 1.95 m2
  • terrace (50% of 80.96) 40.48 m2
  • Coved ceiling lights and recesses (approx. height 3.15 m) allow for an opulent lighting design. They are eye catchers in their own right, while also emphasising the rooms’ structure
  • Coved ceiling lights and recesses (approx. height 3.15 m) allow for an opulent lighting design. They are eye catchers in their own right, while also emphasising the rooms’ overall structure
  • A living-cum-dining and cooking area of more than 120 m² allows countless ways to utilise the space, e.g. for a grand piano or a billiard table
  • The open kitchen is designed in an “L” shape, with an informal cooking island- dining table hybrid, accessible both from the hallway and from the living room (optional)
  • An internal elevator connects the first level of the penthouse with the second, rooftop level
  • The master bedroom is designed as a large private tract: If desired, a workstation, dressing room or even a fitness area can be installed here in the 90 m² space
  • In addition to the roof terrace, the wraparound loggia offers space for outdoor seating in three places – for breakfast coffee, an aperitif or simply to take in the view
Penthouse Ost 4 Rooms, 285.3 m2
Penthouse Ost

Welcome to the dreamily beautiful 285 m² penthouse on the fourteenth and fifteenth floors. In the stately 95 m² salon, decorated in soft off-white tones, even the kitchen, dining and lounge corner appear weightless on the polar white parquet flooring. The spectacular panoramic views reinforce the feeling of freedom, virtually dissolving the architectural boundaries. This penthouse has two luxurious bedrooms – both the same size, with ensuite bathrooms, freestanding bathtubs, and access to the long loggia that wraps around the entire length of the apartment.

  • Living space 285.3 m2
  • Storey 14 + 15
  • Rooms 4
  • Bathrooms 2
14th + 15th floor
Living space
  • hallway 24.97 m2
  • living room 36.21 m2
  • dining 23.34 m2
  • kitchen 36.29 m2
  • bedroom 1 28.71 m2
  • bathroom 1 12.22 m2
  • bedroom 2 22.8 m2
  • bathroom 2 10.52 m2
  • WC 2.78 m2
  • laundry / storage 4.56 m2
  • Loggia (50% of 41.78) 20.89 m2
  • rooftop lounge 29.95 m2
  • storage 1.08 m2
  • terrace (50 % of 63.04) 31.52 m2
  • Seven sets of coved ceiling lights (optional) combine in a great overall lighting concept that allows individual zones to be showcased as architectural highlights
  • The entire penthouse is surrounded by a loggia that broadens out in front of the living and kitchen area and offers space for an outdoor seating area
  • Sophisticated mix of materials: parquet flooring in polar white (with underfloor heating) and bathrooms tiled to ceiling height with textured tiles
  • Both bedrooms feature equally luxurious bathrooms with freestanding bathtubs, walk-in showers, separate WCs, washbasins with illuminated mirrors and custom cabinetry
  • A multitude of exclusively designed extras: built-in shelving units offer perfectly designed storage space, open shelving, TV screen and a fireplace (in the living room), mirrored cabinet surfaces in the bedrooms (all optional), as well as concealed cabinets for utilities and housekeeping
  • The living space extends over two floors: a private elevator leads to the 15th floor roof terrace with rooftop lounge

The Lyte App

Smart. Simple. Smooth:

When you move into your new home we provide you with a digital assistant: THE LYTE app. It connects the entire residential building, offering a range of smart functions to make things easier for you. You can quickly check the charging status of your car battery in the underground garage, book the communal roof terrace for a private party, access the digital mail station, regulate the heat in your apartment, integrate Alexa or contact the property manager… With THE LYTE app, you always have all the important information and service points relating to your property at your fingertips.

  • Air conditioning and heat

    Our well-being depends on the quality of air in our homes. With THE LYTE app, you can easily adapt it to your needs: Turn up the heating on your way back from your vacation or lower the temperature to suit your working needs – all this can be done with just a few touches in the app.

  • Security

    It’s always reassuring to know what’s going on at home, even when no one is there, right? With your app, you’ll be able to see if someone opens the front door. Or the other way around: You can set up an alarm function that informs people close to you if the blinds aren’t raised as usual in the morning.

  • Management

    Property management made easy: contact the management staff, keep up to date about service appointments such as maintenance, housekeeping and façade cleaning etc. and meetings within the home-owning community, upload documents or check service charge statements. The app is your messaging channel for THE LYTE, and the parcel station is also included.

  • Goodbye keys

    Forgotten your keys? No problem. Via the app, every resident can get into the building, apartment and underground garage. How convenient: You can also let in family, friends or tradesmen and service personnel without a key using time-limited access codes.

“What connects us as a team, is our striving for perfectionism. Every stage of a project is subjected to the ‘cross-check’ principle.”

Randi Mara Schumacher