The building

The architecture

Architecture in its best light

What is magical about THE LYTE is the play of light: during the day, the elegant building captivates in radiant white. At dusk it shimmers in warm gold tones, as if reflecting the sun. In other respects, too, the renowned architectural firm KBNK has come up with a vision for a sustainable residential tower that brilliantly combines design and luxury with lightness.

A highlight from every angle

As the most elegant and lightest of the fourteen buildings in the southern Überseequartier district, THE LYTE really does its name justice. The sloping edges face northwest and southeast like a ship’s bow, lending the building a sense of movement. With an avant-garde self-confidence, THE LYTE dispenses with a front or rear view, succeeding in always showing itself from its best side and with the most beautiful aspect.

"I personally couldn’t decide whether I would prefer to have a view of the city or the port. The city almost seemed more attractive."

Franz-Josef Nähring
Architect, KBNK

White has never been this elegant and exciting

Looking at the façade of THE LYTE, you can become transfixed by the vibrant character of the building. This is due in no small part to the “Brise Soleil”, a new interpretation of the traditional shutter: The hundreds of white screen and shutter elements conjure a different look and mood on the “face” of THE LYTE depending on the light and weather conditions. Most importantly though, the design gives the residential tower privacy: thanks to the flexible sliding elements, each loggia is set back, offering its residents the peace and privacy to enjoy the summer sun all to themselves, despite the urban setting.

The communal areas

Step into THE LYTE

The foyer of your new home is illuminated: an elaborate light installation runs along the ceiling and walls in long lines, guiding you towards the elegant elevators. Lots of white, with contrasting black and brass details, creates a sophisticated ambience and lends the entrance an exciting three dimensionality. High-quality materials like marble-look stone tiling and premium wallpaper give a promising taste of what will follow – the apartments themselves.

In THE LYTE, high quality and elegance accompany you at every turn. That’s because the design concept is just one part of the whole. Beauty and harmony meet you as you walk through the foyer, at the mailboxes, in the elevator, in the hallways and when you enter your inner sanctum: your home.
All this is how we interpret the term “Luxury and Comfort Living”. The creative lead was taken by the interior design duo PASCH from Düsseldorf. Like the couturiers of old, they have created an interior for THE LYTE that impresses with class and perfection across every square centimetre.

  • Softly shimmering brass welcomes you in the foyer.
  • “Excalibur” wall lamps add an exclusive touch to the foyer.
  • The elevators take you down to the underground garage with 96 spaces.
  • The perforated wall panels echo the solar-screen elements of the façade.

What a view!

All those who live in HafenCity wants one thing above all: to enjoy the view. In THE LYTE there is one place that brings you even closer to the sky than usual, with a feeling of freedom and space, as if you were walking on air. On the roof terrace of the 15th floor, the Elbe River and the Hanseatic City are at your feet. That’s why this little piece of paradise is available to all residents of THE LYTE: after all, shared happiness is the greatest happiness of all.